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The Owner is not responsible for and will not take any responsibility for the use of The Materials by any User and does not warrant the suitability of The Materials for use by any User.  In addition, The Owner takes no responsibility for the suitability or otherwise of any recommended reading or viewing materials mentioned on this website.  The Owner furthermore makes no claim in relation to any benefits any User might derive from the use of The Materials nor does The Owner provide any guarantee or warranty in relation to the use of The Materials by any User.


 “The Owner” is Holly Beckett, having a registered address at: Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX. The Owner operates The Website domain ‘focussedfarmers.com’ without prejudice as defined herein.

 “The Materials” are defined as the entire content of this website, including all videos, documents, files, texts, sound files, pictures, downloadable items and screen content.   The Materials also includes all online webinars, videos distributed on behalf of focussedfarmers.com, books, notes, documents and exercises authored by The Owner or third parties authorising use. 

 “User” is defined as any user of this website or online webinar/video series, any person having access to this website by virtue of their being an employee, agent, owner, principal or partner of any entity having Corporate Membership or any person having access to, using or downloading any of The Materials.

 “The Website” is defined as all the Materials, digital files, online resources and online presence of the Owner not excluding online webinars, mailshots and videos distributed on behalf of focussedfarmers.com


Termination of Access

The Owner reserves the absolute right to terminate a User's access to The Materials in the event of breach of copyright by The User or other such abuse of The Materials as The Owner deems inappropriate and not consistent with these terms and conditions.


The Owner warrants that personal information, contact details, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. provided by a User via ‘Mailchimp’ or ‘Kajabi’ will not be used for any other purposes save for the transaction of business and use of The Materials by a User nor will such information be transmitted to any third party save to whomsoever a User may appoint.


The Owner warrants that The Materials and all files residing on The Owner’s servers are free of all viruses and related software threats.  


The Materials and The Website are the legal Copyright of The Owner.  The Owner also asserts its copyright to the terms “focussed farmers”, “focussedfarmers.com” and the related terminology, internet materials, web addresses and URLs.   None of The Materials may be used by any User other than for the User’s own personal use nor may The Materials be copied, distributed, transferred or disseminated in any way by any User save than at the request of or with the express written authorisation of The Owner.  


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