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What can you do to manage your state of mind?

There has been huge amounts of scientific research on mindfulness benefits, using MRI technology to look at brain activity and changes that are occurring when people practice a particular type of mental exercise.  This mental exercise is a way of training your mind, in particular the way in which you engage with your self-talk and some of the 70,000 thoughts, and when you don't.

 The only real way to understand is to try it for yourself. Click on the link below to take the 5-day challenge.  Try one of the exercises each morning, before your day gets going, for five days in a row and see for yourself.


This particular type of mental exercise is a way of training your focus, your attention and your awareness and this brain training is know as meditation,  As you would repeat  exercises working your dog to get to know it and become in tune with them, you will do this with your thoughts and basically practise and repeat the exercise of making your mind sit like a dog. Quite quickly you will get a moment of abeyance, then when you let down your guard - the dog tries to get up and you just catch him - and say "Ah" and he'll sit back down. Then the time starts again and before you know it, you got distracted and he's sneaked over and laying at your feet, and you're giving him a belly rub with your feet for a few moments, before you realise that he's rolled over looking very pleased with himself - not waiting where you left him.  Hopefully you'd be the person to send her straight back to her spot....however, the other thing people do - is say "ahh -you're co cute - and proceed to give lots of fuss and attention, almost like praise - AND ENGAGE WITH THE DOG! This is not cool for the dog to know who is boss and this is not the way to train a good dog that will work for you and go where you want her to go, when you need her to - whenever and whatever the situation...ultimately that he or she works with you, without you having to guide them.

It's like going to the gym for your brain

The exercise simply involves focussing all your attention on the sensation of something, your mind will wander and when you notice, just acknowledge it was a thought, stop engaging and take your full attention back to where it was in or on your body you are sensing.  It's kind of hard to explain, it is a bit like trying to describe what a tomato tastes like to someone who wants to know for themselves.  There's only really one way to know what a tomato tastes like and you can only find out for yourself by trying.  See below for a few exercises that are just 6 minutes long -that have the potential to make the other 23 hours and 54 minutes a whole lot more focussed, productive and just generally lighter.


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